The college provides an excellent place and intelligent input in education. Currently, there are approximately 500 undergraduate students. About 740 graduate students are pursuing their M.S. or Ph.D. degrees in the college. The college also offers preparatory courses for more than 300 M.S. candidates from another five medical universities. Today, more than 190 courses are offered to undergraduate and graduate students. The college has earned four national teaching awards and five provincial and/or ministerial teaching awards.


Education for graduate students

The college currently has 92 graduate student supervisors, including 60 doctoral supervisors. The college is authorized to confer PhD and M.S. degrees in all disciplines in Biology (0710), including 7 secondary subjects: Botany (071001), Zoology (071002), Microbiology (071005), Genetics (071007), Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (071010), Ecology (071012) and Bioinformatics (071020). [more]


Education for undergraduate students

The college currently has more than 500 undergraduate students across two specialities: Biotechnology and Bioscience. [more]



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