History of the College of Life Sciences

Biology was one of the earliest disciplines when Nankai University was established in 1911. The Department of Biology was founded in 1922 and the first dean was Professor Ying Shangde who graduated from Columbia University. When the Japanese army invaded the territory of China in 1937, Nankai University, Peking University and Tsinghua University were merged into Southwestern Associated University. The faculty members of the Department of Biology were doing the pioneering work in those war-ridden years. After the War of Resistance Against Japan, a batch of professors and scholars of great masters came to teach in the Department of Biology. Due to their remarkable contributions, the department enjoyed great prestige both at home and abroad. Since the reform and opening-up of our country, the Department has displayed more vigor and vitality. With the merger of the Department of Biology and the Institute of Molecular Biology, the College of Life Sciences came into existence in June 1993, which opened a new chapter to its development.

Over the past eighty years, the faculty members keep in mind the motto “dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capacity, aspiration for progress with each passing day”. By continually forging ahead, bringing forth new ideas through exploitation, working arduously and tackling key problems assiduously, the College has trained and brought up a large number of elitists. In recent years, it has achieved great success in recruiting outstanding teachers and researchers, which has brought along the rapid development in teaching, research and disciplinary development.

Entering the 21st century, the College of Life Sciences is striding forward towards an internationalized college and research base, yet retaining its Chinese characteristics. With a wide variety of subject areas and complete disciplines as well as strong and qualified teaching capability, the College has been authorized to confer Doctoral, Master, and Bachelor degrees. It has ranked among the state’s most advanced standards and is playing an important role in the life sciences.

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