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Lingyi Chen

 Department: Genetics and Cell Biology
 Address: 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin, 300071, China
 Phone: 86-22-23505821
::Professional Education::

1999   B.S.     Peking University

2004   Ph.D.   Northwestern University, USA    

2005--2008     Harvard Medical School, Postdoctoral Fellow

2008--            Nankai University, Professor

::Research Area::
1. Molecular basis for the pluripotency in embryonic stem cells;
2. Molecular mechanisms of pre-implantation development;

3. Genetic causes for familial nonmedullary thyroid cancer


::Honors and Awards::
::Representative Publications::

1.    Chen, H., R. Guo, Q. Zhang, H. Guo, M. Yang, Z. Wu, S. Gao, L. Liu*, and L. Chen*, Erk signaling is indispensable for genomic stability and self-renewal of mouse embryonic stem cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 2015, in press.

2.    Wang, D., Q. Meng, L. Huo, M. Yang, L. Wang, X. Chen, J. Wang, Z. Li, X. Ye, N. Liu, Q. Li, Z. Dai, H. Ouyang, N. Li, J. Zhou*, L. Chen*, and L. Liu*, Overexpression of Hdac6 enhances resistance to virus infection in embryonic stem cells and in mice. Protein Cell, 2015. 6(2): p. 152-6.

3.    Zhao, T., C. Liu, and L. Chen*, Roles of Klf5 Acetylation in the Self-Renewal and the Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells. PLoS One, 2015. 10(9): p. e0138168.

4.    Zhao, T., Z. Wu, S. Wang, and L. Chen*, Expression and function of natural antisense transcripts in mouse embryonic stem cells. Sci China Life Sci, 2014. 57(12): p. 1183-90.

5.    Liu, F., X. You, Y. Wang, Q. Liu, Y. Liu, S. Zhang, L. Chen*, X. Zhang*, and L. Ye*, The oncoprotein HBXIP enhances angiogenesis and growth of breast cancer through modulating FGF8 and VEGF. Carcinogenesis, 2014. 35: p. 1144-53.

6.    Liu, H., Z. Wu, X. Shi, W. Li, C. Liu, D. Wang, X. Ye, L. Liu, J. Na*, H. Cheng*, and L. Chen*, Atypical PKC, regulated by Rho GTPases and Mek/Erk, phosphorylates Ezrin during eight-cell embryo compaction. Dev Biol, 2013. 375(1): p. 13-22.

7.    Wu, Z., M. Yang, H. Liu, H. Guo, Y. Wang, H. Cheng, and L. Chen*, Role of nuclear receptor coactivator 3 (ncoa3) in pluripotency maintenance. J Biol Chem, 2012. 287(45): p. 38295-304.

8.    Liu, H., Y. Hu, H. Wang, J. Wang, D. Kong, L. Wang, L. Chen*, and Z. Yang*, A thixotropic molecular hydrogel selectively enhances Flk1 expression in differentiated murine embryonic stem cells. Soft Matter, 2011. 7: p. 5430-6.

9.    Chen, L.*, D. Wang, Z. Wu, L. Ma, and G.Q. Daley*, Molecular basis of the first cell fate determination in mouse embryogenesis. Cell Res, 2010. 20(9): p. 982-93.

10.  Chen, L. and G.Q. Daley*, Molecular basis of pluripotency. Hum Mol Genet, 2008. 17(R1): p. R23-7.

11.  Segal, E., Y. Fondufe-Mittendorf, L. Chen, A. Thastrom, Y. Field, I.K. Moore, J.P. Wang, and J. Widom, A genomic code for nucleosome positioning. Nature, 2006. 442(7104): p. 772-8.

12.  Chen, L. and J. Widom*, Mechanism of transcriptional silencing in yeast. Cell, 2005. 120(1): p. 37-48.


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