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Defu Chen

 Department: Genetics and Cell Biology
 Address: Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, College of Life Sciences, Nankai University, No. 94, Weijin Road,
 Phone: +86-22-23500133
::Professional Education::

Sept. 1983~July 1987   B.S., Hunan Agricultural University

Sept. 1987~July 1990   M.S., Shandong Agricultural University

Sept. 2002~July 1995   Ph. D., Hunan Agricultural University

Oct. 2000~Sept. 2002   Post-doctor, Nagoya University, Japan

::Research Area::

 directed evolution of enzyme in vitro

 metabolic engineering of carotenoid

::Honors and Awards::

Sept. 1997   Outstanding Young Teacher Award of Nankai University, Class II

Dec. 1996~Nov. 2004   Associate Professor, Nankai University

Nov. 2004  Tianjin Teaching Achievement Award, Class I

Jan. 2009~Jul. 2009   Visiting Professor, Nagoya University, Japan

Dec. 2004~   Professor, Nankai University

::Representative Publications::

1. Xiwen Chen, Jia Liu, Peng Yang, Defu Chen (2010). Identifying functional residues in Arabidopsis thaliana zeta class glutathione S-transferase through screening inactive point mutants. Biochemistry-Moscow, 75(1): 110~114

2. Sudan Tao, Xiwen Chen, Jia Liu, Ming Ming, Namsu Chong, Defu Chen (2008): Characterization of Ser73 in Arabidopsis thaliana glutathione S-transferase zeta class. Journal of Genetics and Genomics, 35(8): 507~512

3. SuDan Tao, Xiwen Chen, Jia Liu, Xiangdong Jia, Defu Chen (2008): Obtainment and characterization of the evolved enzymes from Arabidopsis thaliana glutathione S-transferase zeta class. Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics, 35(2): 208~216

4. Wencheng Qian, Defu Chen, Huizhuan Wang, Yongqin Wang, Xiwen Chen (2007): Gene cloning and function confirmation of g-tocopherol methyltransferase from Brassica napus L.. Plant Physiology Communications, 43(4): 683~688

5. Defu Chen, Xiwen Chen (2006): Principles and protocols for current molecular biology experiment. Beijing: Science Press


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