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Yuehua Chen

 Department: Department of Microbiology
 Address: Department of Microbiology,College of Life Science,Nankai University,94 Weijin Road,300071,P.R.China
 Phone: 86-22-23505964
::Professional Education::

1978, B.Sc., Majoring in Microbiology ,Department of Biology, Nankai University

1996.8 ~ 1997.7 Visiting scholar (Resident Fellow) in Department of Biology,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

2002. 4 ~ 2002. 7 Visiting Scientist in Bayer CropScience N.V. Ghent ,Belgium

::Research Area::

 Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of Bacillus

 Microbiological Control

::Honors and Awards::
::Representative Publications::

1. Dong Liu, Jun Cai, Chichu Xie, Chuan Liu, Yuehua Chen,Purification and characterization of a 36kDa chitinase from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. colmeri and its biocontrol potentials,Enzyme and Microbial Technology,46:252-256,2010.

2. Liang Xiao, Chichu Xie, Jun Cai, Zhijie Lin, Yuehua Chen,Identification and characterization of a chitinase-produced Bacillus which showing  significant antifungal activity.  Curr. Microbiology ,  58:528-533, 2009.

3. Dong Liu, Yuehua Chen, Jun Cai, et al., Chitinase B from Bacillus thuringiensis and its antagonism and insecticidal potential.  ACTA  Microbiologica Sinica Vol. 49(2):180~185, 2009.

4. Yuehua Chen, Miaomiao Han, Jun Cai, et al., Antifungal Bacillus thuringiensis strain with broad-spectrum insecticidal activity.  China Patent, Application NO. 200810052439.3, 2008.

5. Miaomiao Han, Liang Xiao ,Jun Cai, Chichu Xie, Yuehua Chen, The characterization of an antagonistic Bacillus thuringiensis strain against pathogens and pests. Microbiology,V.35(11): 1750~1754, 2008.

6. Jianping zhang, Jun Cai, and Yuehua Chen, Characterization of Melanin produced by a wild-type strain of Bacillus cereus . Frontiers of Biology in China, Vol.2(1):26~29, 2007.

7. Wei Lu, Jun Cai, YueHua Chen*, Research Progress on Bacillus thuringiensis Chitinase. Microbiology,V.34(1): 143~147, 2007.

8. Yanling Chen, Wei Lu, Yuehua Chen, et al., Cloning, expression and sequence analysis of chiA, chiB in Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. colmeri 15A3.  ACTA  Microbiologica  Sinica Vol. 47(5): 843~847, 2007

9. Yuehua Chen, Yinyue Deng, Jinghong Wang, et al., Characterization of Melanin produced by a wild-type strain of Bacillus thuringiensis. J. General and Applied  Microbiolgy  V.50(4):183~188, 2004

10. Yuehua Chen, Gaixing Ren, Weihui Wu et al.  Characterization of cry gene and broad spectrum against Lepidopteran of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. colmeri 15A3. ACTA Microbiologica Sinica Vol. 42(2):169~174, 2002

11. Jong Zhao, Yuehua Chen and Haishan.Kwan, Molecular cloning, characterization, and differential expression analysis of a glucoamylase gene from the basidiomycetous fungus Lentinula edodes. Applied and Environmental Microbiology Vol. 66(6):2531-2535. 2000


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