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Yerong Zhu

 Department: Department of Plant Biology and Ecology
 Address: 209 Forth Teaching Building, Nankai University, 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin, China 300071
 Phone: +86-022-23504382
::Professional Education::

B.S.,    Inner Mongolia University, 2001;

Ph.D.,  Nankai University, 2004

::Research Area::

1. Second metabolism in Catharanthus roseus. Our aim is to improve the accumulation of anticancer alkaloids through genetic engineering and treatment of different regulator.   

2. The signaling role of serine in leaf senescence and Mechanism of cytokinin delaying leaf senescence in duckweed and Arabidopsis thaliana.

3. Establishing high efficient expression system of producing pharmaceutical compounds using duckweed. 

::Honors and Awards::

Associate professor, College of life science, Nankai University, 2007  

Director of Lab of Plant Biology, Nankai University, 2005

Excellent Paper Awards for youth, Chinese Society for Plant Physiology, 2004

Novozymes Awards, Nankai University, 2003

Guanghua Award, Inner Mongolia University, 2000

::Representative Publications::

1. Zhu Yerong  Ma rong  Liu Qingdai  Rong Qingqing  Yang Ling  Wang Yong. Several important advances in duckweed research. Bulletin of Biology,2010. (Accepted)

2. Yu-Xiu Liu, Deng-Guo Wei, Ye-Rong Zhu, Shao-Hua Liu, Yong-Lin Zhang, Qi-Qi Zhao, Bao-Li Cai, Yong-Hong Li, Hai-Bin Song, Ying Liu, Yong Wang, Run-Qiu Huang, Qing-Min Wang. Synthesis, Herbicidal Activities, and 3D-QSAR of 2-Cyanoacrylates Containing Aromatic Methylamine Moieties.Journal of Agaricultural and Food Chemnistry, 2008.56:204-212(Co-first author)

3. Zhang Xiu-sheng, Nie Li-li, Xiang Bei-bei, Wang Shu-fang, Zhu Ye-rong*, Wang Yong. Physiological characters of Catharanthus roseus mutant cells. Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs. 2007. 38(11): 1719-1723

4. Liu Xia, Fu Yan-ping, Zhu Ye-rong, Li Yan-ping, Wang Yong. Physiological and Genetic Mechanism of Rice Chalkiness Formation. Plant Physiology Communication, 2007. 43(3):569-574.

5. Bao-jing Tian, Yong Wang, Ye-rong Zhu , Xian-yu Lu, Kaiyao Huang, Ning Shao, Christoph F. Beck. Synthesis of the photorespiratory key enzyme serine: glyoxylate aminotransferase in C. reinhardtii is modulated by the light regime and cytokinin. Physiologia Plantarum, 2006.127: 571-582.

6. Qing-dai Liu, Ye-rong Zhu, Han-lin Tao, Ning-ning Wang, Yong Wang. Damage of PSII during senescence of Spirodela polyrrhiza explants under long-day conditions and its prevention by 6-benzyladenine. J Plant Research, 2006.119:145-152

7. Li-li Nie, Ye-rong Zhu*, Jian-hua Li, Xiu-sheng Zhang, Yong Wang. Effect of different factors on the growth and accumulation of indole alkaloids in Mutant Cells of Catharanthus roseus. Northern Horticulture, 2006. 5:153-155

8. Rong-tao Zhang, Xiu-sheng Zhang, Li-li Nie, Ye-rong Zhu*. Ning-ning Wang, Yong Wang. Effect of colchicines on Growth Rate and Accumulation of catharanthine in Mutant Cells of Catharanthus roseus L. Plant Physiololgy Communications, 2005.41(6): 728-730

9. Chang-sheng Yao, Ye-rong Zhu. Fang-zhong Hu, Xiao-mao Zhou, You-quan Zhu, Ying Gao, Yong Wang, Hua-zheng Yang. Synthesis of thiohydrouracils and their inhibitory activity against Hill reaction. Chinese Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2005. 25(7):865-868

10. Ye-rong Zhu, Xian-yu Lu, Shu-fang Wang, Ning-ning Wang,Yong Wang. The relationship between photorespiration and senescence of S. polyrrhiza P143. Plant Science, 2005.168:1625-1632

11. Ye-rong Zhu, Han-lin Tao, Xian-yu Lu, Shu-fang Wang, Ning-ning Wang,Yong Wang. High level of endogenous L-serine initiates senescence in Spirodela polyrrhiza. Plant Science, 2004. 166: 1159-1166


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