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Lin Liu

 Department: Laboratory for Stem Cells and Developmental Biology
 Address: College of Life Sciences Nankai University 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin 300071 China
 Phone: Tel: 86-22-23500752 ; Fax : 86-22-23500752
::Professional Education::

1993           Doctorate degree, China Agricultural University

1994-1996   Visiting scholar, BBSRC Babraham Institute, Cambridge, UK

1996-1998  Post-Doc. Cornell University and University of Connecticut, USA

1998-2004  Investigator/Assist. Prof., Women&Infants Hospital/Brown University, USA

2003-2007  Professor, College of Life Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University

2007-         Professor, College of Life Sciences, Nankai University

1998-2010  Adunct Assistant Scientist at Marine Biological Laboratory, Visiting Faculty at University of South Florida College of Medicine , and Member of H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, USA

::Research Area::

Research Interests:

1) Telomere rejuvenation, maintenance and regulation and mechanisms in pluripotent stem cells(ES/pES/iPS cells) and cancer stem cells

2) Mechanisms of ovarian aging and anti-ovarian aging

Current Major Funding:

1) Telomere rejuvenation and reconstruction of functional ovaries (PI)

2) Reproductive aging and the underlying molecular mechanisms associated with Tet1/Tet2 deficiency (PI)

::Honors and Awards::

2010  The Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress Award of State Ministry of Education

2004  Winners of China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists

2003  Chang Jiang Scholars Distinguished Professor

2003  The First Prize for Assisted Reproductive Technology Award of American Society for Reproductive Medicine

::Representative Publications::

1.   Sung LY, Chang WF, Zhang Q, Liu CC, Liou JY, Chang CC, Ou-Yang H, Guo RP, Fu HF, TK Cheng, Ding ST, Chen CM, Okuka M, Keefe DL, Chen YE, Liu L, Xu J. Telomere elongation and naïve pluripotent stem cells achieved from telomerase haplo-insufficient cells by somatic cell nuclear transfer. Cell Reports 9:1603-1609 (2014).

2.   Dan J, Y Liu, N Liu, M Chiourea, M Okuka, T Wu, X Ye,C Mou, LWang, LL Wang, Y Yin, J Yuan, B Zuo, F Wang, Z Li, XPan, ZYin, L Chen, DL Keefe,S Gagos, A Xiao, Liu L. Rif1 maintains telomere length homeostasis of ES cells by mediating heterochromatin silencing. Developmental Cell 29:  7-19 (2014).

3.   Dan J, Li M, Yang J, Li J, Okuka M, Ye X, Liu L. Roles for Tbx3 in regulation of two-cell state and telomere elongation in mouse ES cells. Scientific Reports 3:3492 (2013).

4.   Yuan J, Zhang D, Wang L, Liu M, Mao J, Yin Y, Ye X, Liu N, Han J, Gao Y, Cheng T, Keefe DL, Liu L. No evidence for neo-oogenesis may link to ovarian senescence in adult monkey. Stem Cells 31:2538-2550 (2013).

5.   Wang F, Pan X, Kalmbach K, Seth-Smith ML, Ye X, Antumes DM, Yin Y, Liu L, Keefe DL, Weissman SM. Robust measurement of telomere length in single cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 110:E1906-1912 (2013).

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7.   Jiang J, Lv W, Ye X, Wang L, Zhang M, Yang H, Okuka M, Zhou C, Zhang X, Liu L, Li J. Zscan4 promotes genomic stability during reprogramming and dramatically improves the quality of iPS cells as demonstrated by tetraploid complementation. Cell Research 23:92-106 (2013).

8.   Liu Y, Ye X, Mao L, Cheng Z, Yao X, Jia X, Mao D, Ou L, Li Z, Che Y, Liu N, Steinhoff G, Liu L, Kong D. Transplantation of parthenogenetic embryonic stem cells ameliorates cardiac dysfunction and remodelling after myocardial infarction. Cardiovascular Research 97:208-218 (2013).

9.   Liu M, Yin Y, Ye X, Zeng M, Zhao Q, Keefe DL, Liu L. Resveratrol protects against age-associated infertility in mice. Human Reproduction 28:707-717 (2013).

10. Wang F, Yin Y, Ye X, Liu K, Zhu H, Wang L, Chiourea M, Okuka M, Ji G, Dan J, Zuo B, Li M, Zhang Q, Liu N, Chen L, Pan X, Gagos S, Keefe DL, Liu L. Molecular insights into the heterogeneity of telomere reprogramming in induced pluripotent stem cells. Cell Research 22:757-768 (2012).

11. Liu J, Liu M, Ye X, Liu K, Huang J, Wang L, Ji G, Liu N, Tang X, Baltz JM, Keefe DL, Liu L. Delay in oocyte aging in mice by the antioxidant N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC). Hum Reproduction 27:1411-2140 (2012).

12. Liu Z, Hu Z, Pan X, Li M, Togun TA, Tuck D, Pelizzola M, Huang J, Ye X, Yin Y, Liu M, Li C, Chen Z, Wang F, Zhou L, Chen L, Keefe DL, Liu L. Germline competency of parthenogenetic embryonic stem cells from immature oocytes of adult mouse ovary. Human Molecular Genetics 20: 1339-1352 (2011).

13. Huang J, Wang F, Okuka M, Liu N, Ji G, Ye X, Zuo B, Li M, Liang P, Ge WW, Tsibris JC, Keefe DL, Liu L. Association of telomere length with authentic pluripotency of ES/iPS cells. Cell Research 21:779-792 (2011).

14.  Liu N, Enkemann SA, Liang P, Hersmus R, Zanazzi C, Huang J, Wu C, Chen Z, Looijenga LH, Keefe DL, Liu L. Genome-wide gene expression profiling reveals aberrant MAPK and Wnt signaling pathways associated with early parthenogenesis. Journal of Molecular Cell Biology 2: 333-344 (2010).

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