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Shumin Niu

 Department: Microbiology
 Address: Nankai University college of life sciences
 Phone: 022-23502958
::Professional Education::
Nankai University  Microbiology B.S
::Research Area::

Genetic engineering of microorganisms


Biological pharmaceuticals

::Honors and Awards::

*  The first price of Science and Technology Achievements of Tianjin Public Health Bureau, 2000

*  The second price of Tianjin Science and Technology Achievements, 2000

*  A second price for Laboratory Teaching Technique Achievements of Nankai University, 2006

*  A third price of Excellent Projects of the third innovation research projects of Nankai University undergraduate students, 2006

*  A university's quintessential course, 2007

*  A national quintessential course, 2007

::Representative Publications::

1.Zhu Xikun, Zheng Liuliu, Yuan Bo, Li Qingyan, Niu Shumin, ZHao Huabing, Cai Baoli. Isolation of atrazine-degrading Arthrobacter sp. AD30 and Pseudomonas sp. AD39 and thteir application in biotreatment of industrial wastewater. Progress in Environmental Science and Technology, 2009, Vol.II, 1436-1440.

2.Niu Shumin,Li Wei, Liu Fang.Extraction and Purification of Two antioxidants from rosa Rugosa. Acta scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Nankaiensis.2006, 39 No 1 90-94.

3.T.B.Ng , W.Gao, L.Li ,S.M.Niu , Liu Fang.  Rosa(Rosa rugosa)-flower extract increases the activities of antioxidant enzymes and their gene expression and reduces lipid peroxidation. Biochem.CelBiol/Biochem.Biol. 2005, 83 (1):78-85

4.Niu Shumin,Zhu Songhua, Li Wei, Liu Fang. Studies on Atioxidant effects and Mechanism of Chinese herb rosa Rugosa thumb. Acta scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Nankaiensis.2004, 37  No2 29-33.

5.Niu Shumin,Hong Wei, Liu Fang. Cloning and high level expression of rat copper-zinc superoxide dismutase cDNA. Acta scientiarum Naturalium Universitatis Nankaiensis.2001, 34  No3 69-73.

6.Yang Wenbo Li Mingchuen, Niu Shumin. The textbook "Experiments in Microbiology", Chemical Industry Publishing, 2004.



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