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Xinhua Wang

 Department: Zoology
 Address: Life Sciences College,Nankai University,Tianjin,300071,CHINA
 Phone: +86 22 23508389
::Professional Education::

Undergraduate Education:

1975 obtained bachelor's degree in Nankai University, China

Graduate student Education:

1999 obtained doctor's degree in Bergen University, Norway

::Research Area::

Zoology and Hydrobiology

::Honors and Awards::
::Representative Publications::

Wang XH (ed.) 2008 Contemporary Aquatic Entomological Study in East Asia - Proceedings of 3rd

International Symposium on Aquatic Entomology in East Asia, Tianjin, China, Nankai University Press,235pp.

Wang, X. H., Andersen, T &. Saether, O. A. 2006 Neotropical Bryophaenocladius Thienemann, 1934 (Diptera: Chironomidae). - Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment 41(1):19-32   

Wang, XH, Ruilei ZHANG, Yuhong GUO, Hongqu TANG, Zhen LIU and Chuncai YAN 2010

The History, Status Quo and Future Prospects of Chironomid Study in China Pp. 342-356 in: Ferrington, LC. (ed.) Wang, XH. (ed.) - Proceedings of the XV International Symposium on Chironomidae. The University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Saether, O. A. & X. Wang 1995. Revision of the genus Paraphaenocladius Thienemann, 1924 of the world (Diptera: Chironomidae). -Ent. scand Suppl. 45: 1-69.

Fu, Y. Sæther, OA & WANG, XH 2009 Corynoneura Winnertz from East Asia, with a systematic

review of the genus (Diptera: Chironomidae: Orthocladiinae). Zootaxa 2287:1-44.





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