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Hao Zhou

 Department: Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
 Address: Rm A302, New Biology Building, Nankai University, 94 Weijin Road, Tianjin 300071
 Phone: 86-22-23503552
::Professional Education::

2003-2008    Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Nankai University,  Tianjin, China

1999-2003    B.S. in Biotechnolygy, Hubei Agriculture College, jingzhou, China

::Research Area::

1. The structural and functional studies of proteins or protein complex

2. Structure-based protein engineering and applications

::Honors and Awards::
::Representative Publications::

1. Li, Y. et al. Angiomotin binding-induced activation of Merlin/NF2 in the Hippo pathway. Cell Res 25, 801-17 (2015).

2. Dong, C. et al. The Elp2 subunit is essential for elongator complex assembly and functional regulation. Structure 23, 1078-86 (2015).

3. Diao, W., Yang, X. & Zhou, H. Purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray data collection of the N-terminal domain of the 26S proteasome regulatory subunit p27 and its complex with the ATPase domain of Rpt5 from Mus musculus. Acta Crystallogr F Struct Biol Commun 70, 611-5 (2014).

4. Lv, C. et al. Single-molecule force spectroscopy reveals force-enhanced binding of calcium ions by gelsolin. Nat Commun 5, 4623 (2014).

5. Du, X. et al. A Genetically Modified Protein-Based Hydrogel for 3D Culture of AD293 Cells. PLoS One 9, e107949 (2014).

6. Chi, W.H. et al. Evaluation of the effects of amphiphilic oligomers in PEI based ternary complexes on the improvement of pDNA delivery. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2, 5387-5396 (2014).

7. Chu, X. et al. Structural insights into Paf1 complex assembly and histone binding. Nucleic Acids Res 41, 10619-29 (2013).

8. Wang, H. et al. Multifunctional biohybrid hydrogels for cell culture and controlled drug release. Chem Commun (Camb) 49, 7448-50 (2013).

9. Wang, J.Y., Zhang, J.X., Zhang, X.L. & Zhou, H. A Protein-Based Hydrogel for In Vitro Expansion of Mesenchymal Stem Cells. PLoS One 8(2013).

10. Xie, X. et al. Open-closed motion of Mint2 regulates APP metabolism. J Mol Cell Biol 5, 48-56 (2013).

11. Wang, Z. et al. The structural basis for the oligomerization of the N-terminal domain of SATB1. Nucleic Acids Res 40, 4193-202 (2012).

12. Zhang, J. et al. Structure of an L27 domain heterotrimer from cell polarity complex Patj/Pals1/Mals2 reveals mutually independent L27 domain assembly mode. J Biol Chem 287, 11132-40 (2012).

13. Yan, X. et al. Molecular mechanism of inward rectifier potassium channel 2.3 regulation by tax-interacting protein-1. J Mol Biol 392, 967-76 (2009).


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