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Ting Ma

 Department: Microbiology
 Address: Rm.321,College of Life Sciences,Nankai University,94th Weijin Road,Tianjin,300071,P.R.China
 Phone: +86-022-23498185
::Professional Education::

B.Sc. Microbiology, Nankai University, China, 1998

M.Sc. Chemistry, Nankai University, China, 2001

Ph.D. Microbiology, Nankai University, China, 2004

::Research Area::

1. The characteristic and structure analysis of biosurfactant and bioemulsifier

Previously two thermophilic bacteria with ability to generate bioemulsifier and Lipopeptide as biosurfactant have been isolated and preserved. These two bioemulsifier are now been investigated on their molecular structure, characteristics and also their metabolic mechanisms and pathway.

2. Identification and Molecular modification of key functional genes responsible for hydrocarbon degradation.

Long chain hydrocarbons degradation by microorganisms has been efficient to decrease Viscosity of heavy oil. To figure out their degrading mechanisms, gene knock out technique was applied to verify the functions of potential genes obtained from modified tail-PCR. Furthermore, the degrading genes were modified through Error-PCR and Homologous Recombination to improve their catalytic functions.

3. Molecular ecology research and detecting techniques on microorganisms communities in oil fields

Merely about 1% microorganisms could be cultivated under current research circumstances; therefore, advanced molecular biology techniques like DGGE, TRFLP and Hybridization in situ are required to monitor the whole microbe community dynamically underground.

::Honors and Awards::
::Representative Publications::

1. Hai-Dong H, Wei W, Ting M*, Guo-Qiang Li, Feng-Lai Liang, Ru-Lin Liu. Sphingomonas sanxanigenens sp. nov., isolated from soil. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 2009, 59(4): 719-723.

2. Huang Haidong, Wang Wei, Ma Ting*, Li Zhaoyu, Liang Fenglai, Liu Rulin. Analysis of Molecular composition and properties of a novel biopolymer. Chemical Journal of Chinese Universities. 2009, 30(2): 324-327.

3. Lei Huang, Ting Ma, Dan Li, Feng-lai Liang, Ru-Lin Liu, Guo-qiang Li, Optimization of nutrient component for diesel oil degradation by Rhodococcus erythropolis. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2008, 56: 1714-1718.

4. Jun Wang, Tina Ma*, Lingxia Zhao, Jinghua Lv, Guoqiang Li, Hao Zhang, Ben Zhao, Fenglai Liang, Rulin Liu. Monitoring exogenous and indigenous bacteria by PCR-DGGE technology during the process of microbial enhanced oil recovery. J Ind Microbiol Biotechnol. 2008, 35:619-628.

5. Jun Wang, Ting Ma*, Lingxia Zhao, Jinghua Lv, Guoqiang Li, Fenglai Liang, Rulin Liu. PCR–DGGE method for analyzing the bacterial community in a high temperature petroleum reservoir. World J Microbiol Biotechnol 2008, 24: 1981-1987.



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