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Yubao Gao

 Department: Plant Biology and Ecology
 Address: Weijin Road 94, Nankai University
 Phone: 022 23508249
::Professional Education::

1978-1982 Inner Mongolia University, China, BSc

1982-1985 Inner Mongolia University, China, MSc

1988-1992 University of Wales Aberystwyth, United Kingdom, PhD

::Research Area::

1 Adaptability of plant species to the changing environment in northern grassland of China

2 Grass-endophyte interactions in the grassland ecosystems of northern China

::Honors and Awards::

"Scholar of Outstanding Achievements" awarded by the State Council of China in 2007

::Representative Publications::

Yu-kun Wei, Yu-bao Gao et al, 2007. Distribution and diversity of Epichloe/Neotyphodium fungal endophytes from different populations of Achnatherum sibiricum (Poaceae) in the Inner Mongolia Steppe, China.  Fungal Diversity,  24--329-345.

Ren A Z, Gao Y B, Zhou F. 2007. Response of Neotyphodium lolii-infected perennial ryegrass to phosphorus deficiency. Plant, Soil and Environment, 53(3):113-119

Nianxi Zhao, Yubao Gao, Jinlong Wang, Anzhi Ren. 2008. Population structure and genetic diversity of Stipa grandis P. Smirn, a dominant species in the typical steppe of northern China. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 36(1): 1-10

Xu-hui Chen, Yu-bao Gao, Nian-xi Zhao, Ting-ting Zhao, Min-jie Zhu. 2009. An AFLP analysis of genetic diversity and structure of Caragana microphylla populations in Inner Mongolia steppe, China. Biochemical Systematics and Ecology, 37:395-401

Xin Zhang, An-Zhi Ren, Yu-Kun Wei, Feng Lin, Chuan Li, Zhi-jian Liu, Yu-Bao Gao. 2009. Taxonomy, diversity and origins of symbiotic endophytes of Achnatherum sibiricum in the Inner Mongolia Steppe of China. FEMS Microbiol Letters, 301:12-20


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